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Oficjalna strona Urzędu Miasta i Gminy w Swarzędzu
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... because we have a good location on the map

Swarzędz is situated several kilometers East of Poznań, by National Road 92 and the Berlin-Warszawa-Moscow railway line. National Road 5 and the railway line linking southern Poland with Gdańsk run through our commune. The new A2 motorway runs nearby Swarzędz. In Kobylnica we also have a large Aeroklub Poznański airport, and Ławica international airport in Poznań located in the vicinity. The people of Swarzędz value their well developed city transportation network and local connections with Poznań, which ensure full comfort for people commuting between the two towns.

... because Swarzędz is a friendly commune

The town of Swarzędz covers the area of 8.24 km2, and the entire commune including 20 villages - 93 km2. We have over 40 thousand inhabitants, majority of whom - over 29 thousand - live in Swarzędz. Our students have more than ten schools at their disposal. They may get general or vocational high school education in public and private schools. We are satisfied with a well developed health care system with Emergency Medical Service post, several outpatient clinics, tens of private practices of doctors of various specialties, and an internationally recognized Hair Clinic.

... because Swarzędz is more than just furniture

Several thousand business entities are active in our commune, among them tens of companies with foreign capital. Both large companies such as Volkswagen, British Petroleum, Deceuninck, Vox, Poz-Bruk, Panopa Logistik, Stena Złomet, and hundreds of small- and medium-size businesses, mainly in the sector of commerce and, traditionally for Swarzędz, carpentry and upholstery, have chosen Swarzędz as a good place to run their business. Pay attention to a large chair placed on the pavement along Wrzesińska street. There is a pavilion in which furniture offered by craftsmen associated in a Swarzędz Trade of Carpenters has been collected. Services and trade are growing fast. A large and modern ETC shopping mall and Leroy Merlin construction market are located by Road 2. Divisions and branches of recognized banks have chosen Swarzędz as their seat. We have several good hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés. In the southern part of Swarzędz, along Road 2 and the railway line we have established a large industrial zone which is still growing. We are planning to establish another one, along Poznań-Gniezno Road 5 , in the neighborhood of Uzarzewo village. Construction of houses, blocks of apartments and detached houses, individually and in organized manner by a housing cooperative, developers and social construction societies, is our strength.

... because we value more than just work - in Swarzędz there are many ways to rest. You are invited to visit:

An open air museum and a Museum of Apiculture named after professor Ryszard Kostecki. The open air museum in Swarzędz is the largest open air ethnographic museum dedicated to the history of apiculture and keeping of wild forest bees in Europe. A unique collection of beehives consists of over 230 items and demonstrates the development of Polish apiculture from the most remote days until today. Among exhibits there are figural hives, architectonic hives, basket hives, box hives and beekeeping logs. The oldest hive is a perfectly preserved 600-year-old Wisła scooped beehive. On the area of the open air museum there is also an exhibition dedicated to usable insects and the history of sericulture in Poland and over the world.

Uzarzewo, with a carefully maintained park planned at the end of the 19th century. In the park there is a magnificent mansion house constructed during the period 1860-1865, developed on the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the building there is a Museum of Natural Environment and Hunting - a branch of the National Museum of Agriculture and Agricultural and Food Industry in Szreniawa, with natural exhibits, trophies and hunting accessories. The collection in the museum demonstrate the diversity of fauna of Greater Poland and rich hunting traditions on this area. In the vicinity there is a half-timbered Saint Michael's church from the 18th century.

Wierzenica, a village dating back to the 12th century, once owned by Cieszkowski family. There is a beautiful, wooden, little Saint Nicolas church from the second half of the 16th century with a shingle roof. The interior of the church is maintained in baroque style, on the main altar there is a unique painting of the Virgin Mary with a Child from 1636. Adjacent to the church there is a Cieszkowski family vault from approx. 1870, where, among others, August Cieszkowski was buried - renown philosopher, economist, social reformer; the creator of so-called philosophy of praxis, co-creator of Polish messianicism, a patron of the Academy of Agriculture in Poznań. Wierzenica hosted Zygmunt Krasiński, the last of the three romantic bards on several occasions. Near the village there is a prehistoric burial ground, the oldest excavated tomb dates back to the beginnings of the bronze age, from the first half of the second millennium B.C. In neighboring Wierzonka there are remainders of von Treskow family cemetery, a family that owned the neighboring land - former property of Cistercian monastery.

Swarzędzkie and Uzarzewskie Lakes. The Cybina river, forming a picturesque valley, flows through both lakes. Through the north-eastern part of the commune there runs a bike route starting in Poznań, over Malta Lake, running along Swarzędzkie Lake, further through Uzarzewo, Biskupice, Promno Landscape Park with Dębiniec Lake Reserve, and finishing in Pobiedziska. Swarzędz is located on the edge of Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park and neighboring picturesque recreational areas. In the commune there are tourist routes for walking and kayaking.

"Wodny Raj" ["The Water Paradise"], Leisure Center of Swarzędz with modern swimming pools open all year long, including hydro-massage baths, two slides, a bowling alley, a sauna, a sun bed, a fitness room and a restaurant facility.

The airport in Kobylnica (a railway station and the town of Ligowiec by Road 5), at the disposal of Aeroklub Poznański named after Wanda Modlibowska. Our pilots, jumpers and model makers - among them Polish and world champions - are inviting to games, shows, sightseeing flights. Experienced instructors organize training sessions on motorless gliders, airplanes, parachutes, balloons, motor gliders and powered hang gliders.

Each of the hundreds of cultural, sports and recreational events. Come to the Cultural Center gallery, to a brass band or flageolet band concert, listen to "Akord" men's choir. Come to a basketball game of women's first league "Unia-Probasket". We also have several sports clubs gathering players of such disciplines as: soccer, wrestling, kayaking, karate, and several horse riding centers offering horse riding lessons, therapeutic horse riding and other forms of recreation.